The real pizza franchise.

Become part of Brigade.

A shared love for Real Neapolitan pizzas.

Brigade Pizzeria is not just selling pizza but provides a complete brand experience and lifestyle choice. Attractive design and build-out that can be updated easily and at low cost when required.


Steps to Becoming a Brigade Franchisee

Step 1
Complete a Confidential Application Form and click here to submit it to our Franchise Director.

Step 2
If your Application meets our criteria you will receive a call to move on to the next step. If your Application is not accepted you will be advised via email within 3 business days.
Step 3
After a successful telephone interview, you will be invited to have a face to face meeting with our Director of Franchising and/or the Owners.
Step 4
After a successful face to face meeting you will be asked to sign a Deposit Agreement and pay a $5,000 fully refundable deposit on the purchase of a franchise. At this time, you will receive the confidential franchise documentation and other information required for your decision making process. You are strongly advised to hire a franchise attorney for the revision of the Franchise Agreement.
Step 5
You will now be in the Franchise Selection Process and at this time you will be invited to a Discovery Day at one our locations. During this day you will have the opportunity to work in a Brigade location to determine if this is the right franchise for you, and if you are a good fit for our company. We will also check your references, credit and other investigations to more fully evaluate your candidacy as a franchisee. Once approved, a formal approval is extended for the purchase of a Brigade license.
Step 6
Franchise Agreements are signed and the balance of the Initial Franchisee fee is paid.
From there…..
New Franchisees will continue the process with site selection, training, and construction. It is our experience that once a site is secured, it will take 8-12 weeks to complete construction from the site possession date.

Authentic neapolitan pizza.

Great potential for additional revenue streams such as private label product sales, catering, delivery, group/parties, and private label packaged goods for third party retail, kiosks, outdoor station, online product sales and more. Branded products for increased visibility and additional high margin revenues.