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A shared love for Real Neapolitan pizzas.

Brigade Pizzeria is not just selling pizza but provides a complete brand experience and lifestyle choice. Attractive design and build-out that can be updated easily and at low cost when required.


Why franchise with Brigade?

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Brigade is not your ordinary pizzeria. It distinguishes itself from the common pizza shop with its trendy and contemporary design, its eclectic topping bar and its non-traditional lively and comfortable environment.

Brigade caters to a wide range of consumers from 17 to 40 years old craving for wholesome and fast serve meals. It draws from residential, industrial and commercial surroundings. Its 60-90 seat concept is the perfect size for operational and financial efficiencies. With its open kitchen concept customers get to customize their own meal and watch it being made right before their eyes and delivered to them in 5 minutes or less. We offer an affordable healthy option to traditional fast food restaurants for about the same price, or less, than a fast food meal. In fact, our 12 Inch Neapolitan Margherita pizza including the dough, the fresh Mozzarella Fior Di Late cheese (our signature!) tomato, basil and olive oil is only 800 calories compared to the over 1900 whopping calories of the traditional cheese pizza. _DSC2123-2Why go to a fast food shop when you can get a healthy Margherita pizza at Brigade for 9$ much less than the average fast food concept at 14$ at our competitors.

Most of the pizzas offered currently are still based on the 1960’s, style of pizza which is large, covered in store bought and not high quality toppings, and who use dough made with oils, sugars, and preservatives. Brigade offers a dining option that is healthier, tastier and at a lower price point, and greater value, over the current pizza options on the market and served faster. Most pizzerias cook their pizza in an electric or gas oven for 15-20 minutes whereas a Bridge pizza is ready to go in only 3-4 minutes. This creates a faster service time and allows for more customers to be served quickly, thereby increasing sales.


“… we’re not just selling a product, we are selling a “lifestyle. People come to Brigade not only because we have the greatest tasting pizza around, but because we provide the ultimate selection of healthy local and organic toppings. Brigade pizzeria “validates” their lifestyle experience. Most retail concepts would settle for just one of those accomplishments, providing a great product OR creating a fun and inviting environment. At Brigade, we are able to achieve both goals” said Grace, co-founder and Vice President.

Brigade is harnessing the fast growing trend of local fresh organic products as a great asset against competition and takes pride on serving first quality ingredients that are healthier for our customer while helping local farmers and the community. The local aspect as well as the first grade imported from Italy ingredients used at Brigade also set it far apart from its competitors.

Authentic neapolitan pizza.

Exciting custom fast-casual concept offering authentic Neapolitan pizzas, sandwiches, and salads. Brigade offers a truly unique product, “Certified” Neapolitan Italian pizza- made in the same tradition for over 200 years. The curiosity factor alone drives traffic to our locations and adds a cachet to the concept that continues to attract new customers.